The Pledge

nsup_the_pledgeWe, the Naga Students’ Union, Pune, do hereby solemnly constitute the Union for a healthy fraternity, full co-operation amongst ourselves, to reaffirm our commitment and to preserve our culture, values and traditional heritage in building a better Naga Society while we strive for excellence in our academic life. Further we stand committed in safeguarding our common interest, integrity and preserving the Naga Identity with outmost sincerity and sacredness and to prevent any detrimental act that would strain the image and the identity of the Nagas and the Union in particular.

We, further reiterates the ideals of the Naga Students’ Union, Pune, for maintaining friendly relation and mutual understanding with all like-minded organization.

We, therefore, shall uphold, defend and cohesively work for the Nagas regardless of geographical boundaries and truthfully admit our short-coming introspectively and prospectively, and own responsibility for greater achievements in the coming days.


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