About Accommodation in Pune

This article is a brief overview of accommodation in Pune city compiled to assist and help others understand the accommodation system in Pune. 

Students or working people in Pune stay either in Hostels, Paying Guests or in flats. For students, accommodation may be available in College Hostels, which has to be taken up with the college authorities during admission time. Paying Guests are also usually found in and around colleges. Admission to PGs may be taken by directly contacting the PGs or through friends or contacts.

Students or working people can also stay in rented flat or apartment. Flats to rent can usually be found by contacting owners directly through friends or contacts or through brokers or through online real estate search websites. If you are searching for accommodation through brokers, they would be charging fees for their services, which may vary from area to area and broker to broker. Some brokers may charge one month rent as the brokerage fee. The fee may vary as mentioned above.

Once a flat is found and the owner agrees to rent it, the following things usually entails:

  • An agreement with the flat owner (licensor) is made in the presence of some witnesses.
  • The agreement is usually only for 11 months or a year, which can be further extended on mutual agreement with the owner.
  • Most owners would take some security deposit amount which is refundable when the tenant vacate the premise. The amount varies from owner to owner and also on the locality. If there were some damages or loss of property, deductions would usually be imposed by the owner.
  • The terms of rent payment may be different from owner to owner and is entered in the agreement as well. Some owners take rent month-wise while some owners take rent in bulk of three months or six months.
  • Electricity and bills for other amenities may or may not be included in the rent. If not included, the tenant have to pay those bills. Electricity bills can be paid online so it is hassle free though.

An excerpt of terms and conditions in rent agreement with the owner is given below. 

  • To pay the license fee/ charges for each month on or before _____ of the every month for which it is due.
  • To pay all the charges for the electricity as per the electricity bill every month during the period for which the license continues to be in force.
  • To keep the interior of the said premises in good condition during the period of license and to be responsible for the ordinary routine maintenance of the fittings and fixtures of the said premises.
  • Not to assign, transfer, sublet or part with the possession of the said premises or any part thereof and shall not use the flat for any other illegal purpose not permissible in law at the time during the continuance of the license.
  • To deposit with the licensor a sum of approx. Rs _____________ by the way of interest for security deposit for observing and performing the terms and condition of this agreement. The said deposit shall be refunded on the termination of this agreement without interest deducting the amount proportionate to the damages or loss to the said premises of the fixture and fittings, adjustment of arrears of license fee and hire charges, M.S.E.B charges, if any.
  • It is specifically agreed by the licensee that his or her family members or his employer will not claim any tenancy rights, or any other rights in respect of the said premises.
  • The Licensee hereby indemnifies and Licensor against any such or other claims, adverse to the interest of the Licensor after COMPLETION OF ELEVEN MONTHS.

The Licensor hereby covenant with the Licensee as follows:-

  • That the Licensee shall be deemed to be only a Licensee for a period of 11 months only by the virtue of those present and Licensee shall not make or shall not have a claim of tenancy or any other right, like or interest of whatsoever nature over the said flat or any portion thereof as well as to the fixture and fittings therein.
  • That the Licensee shall not store any goods in the passage, staircase, landings or any other part of the building on which the building is constructed.
  • That the Licensee shall not store any dangerous or hazardous articles in the said flat during the sustenance of the period of license. The Licensee shall not cause any nuisance or annoyance to the adjoining neighbors.
  • That the Licensor shall have the right to enter the premises in the presence of the Licensee and to inspect the said premises, in order to see that the said conditions mentioned in the agreement is not violated
  • That the Licensor shall have physical as well as judicial possession and full control over the said flat and the Licensee has to adhere to the terms of the said agreement and the instructions given by the Licensor to the Licensee from time to time deciding the subsistence of the said agreement.
  • That it is the Licensor/Licensee desires to terminate the said agreement for any personal reasons (not related to the breach of the terms of the agreement)  then the party can do so with one month prior notice in written to the party.
  • That in case the Licensor finds the Licensee committing any breach of the above said condition of the license hereby granted shall stand automatically stand cancelled and the Licensee shall be entitled to claim any relief of whatsoever nature by virtue of those present

Contributed by,
NSM Paikhu (Vice President, NSUP 08-09)

[PS: This is an old article and is just for illustrative purpose only]

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