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Pune a.k.a “The Oxford of the East”, have been a hot destination for a large student community from all over the country including the North East. If you are planning on coming to Pune, you might be willing to know about the city and how things are here. Here is a page for you to know about Pune, the living condition for students and types of accommodation you can look out for.

About Pune

Pune is known by many names. Some call it ‘The Oxford of the East’, some ‘Scotland of India’ and some ‘Silicon Valley of India’. But for the Nagas, Pune is known as the ‘City that Never Disappoints’.  The lively spirit of the city along with its educational institutions of outstanding reputation has made it a hotspot for Naga students. Be it sitting in a coffee house with a bunch of friends or in a classroom full of students, Pune simply rocks. Some of the well known colleges are Fergusson College, Wadia College, Symbiosis, ILS, FTII, Cummins College and MIT. The city’s energy and vivacity along with its peaceful greenery are the things that the Nagas really appreciate.

Apart from its famous educational institutes, Pune is also known for its shopping malls and multiplexes. For food lovers, Pune offers a variety of cuisines be it local Maharashtrian thalis or international cuisines. Besides the many things that Pune has to offers it also have famous neighbors like Khandala, Lonavala, Mahabaleshwar, Panchgami, Goa and many more.

Pune is the fastest developing city in India, taking its place as an IT hub. There are more than 7 lakhs outstation students staying in Pune, which brings about a modern and vibrant feel to this traditional and peaceful city. It is a city raring to go with its many ambitious plans for the future.

The Naga students’ Union and Naga Christian Fellowship (NCF) work hand in hand to bring about a difference in the student’s life. There is no tribal division and all the Nagas in Pune comes under one union i.e Naga Students’ Union.  Here it’s not about what Pune can do for the Nagas but it’s about what the Nagas can do for each other because this place induces a lot of co-operation and helpfulness in the people. The NCF and the NSUP and its members live in an interdependent environment, each forming a part of each other and influencing a growth in each.

In Pune the Naga population mostly comprises of students and few number of working people and families. The Nagas live in flats, Pgs or hostels according to their convenience. With its number of BPOs, Pune offers a lot of opportunity for students who are open to work besides their studies. Apart from the Bpos, Nagas here work in various multinational companies like Infosys, Microsoft, Tech Mahindra, PSPL etc.

With all the numerous advantages the Pune and the Nagas in Pune has to offer, it is without doubt that Pune is the best place to be.

Contributed by,
Shiluienla(Information secretary 08-09)
Inatoli(ex-NSF representative 06-07)
Aien(ex-Information secretary 07-08)



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