Membership and Registration
NSUP Registration is mandatory for all Nagas in Pune – both students and employed.

We would like to bring to your kind notice that registration is not optional but mandatory for all Nagas in Pune including those employed. Some of the reasons why it is made compulsory are as follows:

  1. By virtue of being Nagas.
  2. NSUP is t he only platform where every Naga can come together and can create a sense of unity and avoid any schism.
  3. NSUP gives you a good platform to showcase your skills and talents in extra curricular activities like games and sports, music, art etc…Only registered members can participate in its various events.
  4. NSUP will be preferably compelled to take care of registered members in case of emergencies like death, accident, police case and other issues.

-naga students union, pune

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