NSUP stands for Naga Students’ Union, Pune.

NSUP is a students’ body founded in 1981 to look after the welfare of the Naga students’ community in Pune. It is the only student body for the Nagas in Pune. It functions under the Naga Students’ Federation, the umbrella body for all Naga Students’ Union bodies.

NSUP functions with a team of fifteen executives in various positions. It has a Constitution in place for well-guided and smooth functioning of the union (check out the constitution for details).

All Nagas in Pune are entitled to be registered with the union. The union organizes various events for the welfare of the students’ community such as Freshers’ Welcome, Parting Social, Sports Meet and other social events.  The NSUP also help students in various need and in case of any unfortunate accidents or death incidents. The student union exist to represent the Nagas in Pune, to being Nagas together, and to look after the needs of the students community.

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