Welcome to NSUP’s Website!

NSUP stands for Naga Students’ Union – a student body formed in 1981 with the aim of working for the welfare of the Naga students in Pune. It initially started with just a handful of members. Today, NSUP has many registered members, both students and working professionals. And the head count keeps growing every year with students from the region for higher studies and career opportunities.

With the growing importance and popularity of networking on the internet, the NSUP’s official website was created in the year 2007-08. The objective is to reach out to the Naga students community through easily accessible medium such as the internet and to let them access information about the union in their own convenience and comfort.

NSUP will keep the site updated with events updates, articles, documents, and various other information from time to time. NSUP is also on Facebook. Nagas in Pune can are requested to kindly join the group and keep in touch as well. Check out the contact us page.

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